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White Death


After completing an Omaha beach scenario with concrete and sand, my focus was on the snowy Finnish forest and the legendary Winter War.

The Suomi SMG would be displayed, I was sure of that. I was before my grandpa told me about the legendary sniper Simo Häyhä aka "White Death". In fifteen weeks during the war, he took out 500+ Russians with his Mosin-Nagant rifle. He never used a scope. That may be the reason he still lives. A sniper without a scope can keep his head a few critical inches lower...

Häyhä survived an exploding bullet in the face, but his war was fought.

A photographer friend dug out some pictures of Häyhä for me. His rifle and snow suit were clearly visible in the pictures.




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About Toni Kysenius (Envar)


After seeing the movie Winter War I am very interested in this small but important littke conflict. My hat is off to the artist who did this diorama!! It is SUPERB!!
APR 30, 2002 - 01:55 PM
Hey Toni. The model is helvetin upea. No Fear, No Mercy, No Scope... where have I seen that before ? Keep building these great models, i wouldnt mind having one on my shelf by christmas or my next birthday. Enjoy the hobby, I'll see you soon. -Pikku Veli
MAY 04, 2002 - 11:32 PM
Ketch, don´t even think about it. You´ll have them all! LOL Big Bro
MAY 05, 2002 - 06:42 AM
Top notch! As they used to say on American Bandstand "I'd give it a 10" Keith
JUL 30, 2002 - 11:50 PM
The Eagle Squadron is applauding before the official salute...! Nice dio and article there Envar !! This stirs the appetite !
JUL 31, 2002 - 12:00 AM
The grade gladly accepted! Could I just come down to work for you? Toni
JUL 31, 2002 - 06:31 AM
Congratualations Toni,great dio I hope you do more dio,s on the Finnish winter war,a very interesting subject . :-)
JUL 31, 2002 - 09:53 AM
Please let me add my compliments ...it is the most inspiring thing I've seen in many a moon. I am a very new modeler, and am just working up to doing dios of the Winter War and Continuation War, and if I can find some good sources, the Lapland War as well. When I see your work, it makes me realize how far I have to, and how much fun I'll have getting there. Thanks
OCT 03, 2002 - 09:04 AM
Thanks JimF! The Finnish themes are close to me...and this was my second attempt for a vignette in line! I have a few pics of another vignette taking place in Winter War, just click the Envar Escapades! link in my signature. You´ll find the pics in pages 4 and 5. More is coming. I´m preparing a full diorama of the "Motti", with destroyed Russian armor on a piece of road with Finnish ski troops hiding in the woods. Stay tuned! Toni
OCT 03, 2002 - 08:15 PM
Loved the diorama and the skill and sensitivity. Just one minor point, however, for an open sights sniper, don't you suppose that the rifle sling would have been wrapped around the forearm tautly to aid in steadying the rifle?
AUG 12, 2006 - 06:15 AM