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Warriors' 1/35th U.S. Tanker

WWII U.S. TANKER (Reclining with Limbs Crossed)

Mfgr: Warriors

Scale: 1/35th

Price: $11.95 (USD)

Packing: 9

Sculpture/Pose: 9

Casting : 7

Pose/use :9

Overall :9

The story
One of Warriors latest releases is a WWII U.S. TANKER who is reclining with limbs crossed in a very relaxed pose.

This resin figure in 1/35th scale represents a World War II U.S. tanker crewman in relaxed pose leaning backwards and would make a nice subject in a dio or vignette.

A special note about this figure, it is sculpted by Armorama’s good member Anders Heintz. A very talented sculptor and painter, he is also a good friend of mine that has helped me enter the world of figure painting. That said, when I was assigned this review , I decided to be 100 percent objective and to give the figure a full review that includes building and painting it.

So here we go …..

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About the Author

About Costas Rodopoulos (Major_Goose)

I started modelling 27 years ago with some 1/72 planes and military vehicles. Soon the diorama bug got into me and with Sheperd Paynes books I dug in. I loved to build dioramas and military vehicles till the Vietnam Era. I don't like modern stuff so much. 4 years ago I had a crush on figure painti...