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IDF 113 Fitter

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About the Author

About Frank Glackin (Plasticbattle)


Very nice, love the work. Great figures too. Wish my stuff looked as good. Cheers Joker
SEP 13, 2005 - 01:02 PM
Frank, per the usual. W-onderful figure painting and placement O-utstanding weathering/wash/highlighting on the 113 W-ish I lived next door to you so I could learn your techniques Beautiful stuff Frank! Steve
SEP 13, 2005 - 01:18 PM
very nice..the figures and painting. plus the interior...the M113 is superb. great work and images.
SEP 13, 2005 - 02:02 PM
Beautiful. I think Israeli vehicles are some of the most interesting subjects. Lots of room for detailing and personalizing. I especially like the interaction of the figures to bring this little vignette to life. One could make a career of modeling just doing the M113 varients in the IDF. Bob
SEP 13, 2005 - 03:07 PM
Thanks Vinnie for posting this. great job as usual. Also, Guys thanks very much for you nice comments. much appreciated. Cheers.
SEP 18, 2005 - 09:24 AM
Holy crap im blown away but the work you have done Frank. Any chance you can write up a short blog on how you constructed it...briefly of course.
SEP 18, 2005 - 04:56 PM
Totally awesome work, Frank. Really fun to have a look at all that detailed work. And I particularly like the highway the 113's on. Bit different from the usual dio. What did you use as the tarmac?
SEP 18, 2005 - 05:20 PM