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Armor Resource # 2 - The KV Series


The (arguably) most succesful tank in history was the T34. Serving in many countries from its inception in the 1930s until the 1980s (and beyond), the story of the T34 has inevitably overshadowed the development and historical story of the Klim Voroshilov (KV) heavy tank series. With the obvious technical limitations of the earlier 'Land Battleships' of the T-35 series, the race began, in 1938, to produce a lighter and more modern heavy tank. After much debate, and folowing the beginning of the 'Winter War' with Finland, the curious decision was taken to produce the KV AND the T-34 despite the obvious limitations in the KV's design and technical performance. In sheer nunbers there was an obvious disparity in the production of the T-34 against the KV. By the time production had ceased, in 1943, only 4,566 examples had been produced in 12 different variants.

This series of articles has several reasons. Firstly, to link quickly into the available material available on the site. The material available includes OnDisplay Features, Features, Reviews and (increasingly important) links to outside reference sites. Secondly, to help 'maximise' the use of the site, to allow the site users to see the true 'depth' of Armorama.com

a)Model Kits:

Trumpeter's Russian KV1 (Model 1942) Simplified Turret Tank (1:35)

Trumpeter's Russian KV-1 (model 1942) Heavy Cast Turret Tank (1:35)

Trumpeter's Russian KV-1 S Ehkranami Model 1941 (1:35)

b) Conversion sets:

Mig Productions' KV1 1939 L11 Conversion Set (1:35)

Mig Productions' GERMAN Sturm Pz.Kpf.Wg. KV II 754 r Conversion Set (1:35)

c) upgrade sets:

Mig Productions' Soviet Army Unit Emblems 1941/45 (1:35)

Mig Productions' Fuel and smoke drums for Russian tanks (1:35)

Eduard's Update Set For Kv-1 Model 1942 - First Look. (1:35)

Armorscale's 76.2mm ZiS-5 barrel for KV-1 Pat.41-43 (1:35)

Hussar Production's 76.2mm Russian Ammuntion (1:35)

Lionroar's KVII Upgrade Set in 1/35th Scale

Lionroar's KVI Upgrade Set in 1/35th Scale
Book Reviews:

KV-2 Soviet Heavy Breakthough Tank of WWII

Trojca's KVI & KVII Foto Album

Wydawnictwo Militaria - KV Vol. I:, 1939-41

Wydawnictwo Militaria - KV Vol. II: 1941 - 44

Tankograd's KV-1: Soviet Heavy Tank of WWII - Early Variants

Tankograd's KV-1: Soviet Heavy Tank of WWII - LATE Variants

Site features:

Abandoned - A superb diorama by Steve Keegan

KV1 Model by Jurjen Zuijdendorp

Other resources...

One of the most fascinating aspects of the KV series, was their service as captured 'BeutePanzer (Trophy-Tanks). A website which is dedicated entirely to this fascinating subject is linked HERE!!!!.

It would also be remiss of me, not to mention the extraordinary work done by Terry Ashley, whose work over at P.M.M.S. is an inspiration to all of us. Terry has a similar resource running, listing the many reviews that he has run on the KV series as well. It can be seen HERE!!!

The investigation into the KV series is certainly a 'work-in-progress' there are a number of researchers at this moment, trying to compile more information on this extraordinary vehicle. The work is slow, but every year brings another piece of this complex puzzle. Sadly, the KV was never as well-documented as its equivalent German vehicles, the Soviet authorities apparently never felt the need for documentation on the same level. That said, some of the work which is being done by both Western and Russian researchers, is paying dividends...

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