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DER MASS:STAB February 2016
DER MASS:STAB Model Car Magazine Issue 1 February 2016
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by: Frederick Boucher [ JPTRR ]

DER MASS:STAB Model Car Magazine is Herpa's bimonthly flagship publication promoting their models as well as general modeling subjects. This is Issue 1, February 2016.
    A great magazine for all those who love our car and truck models: read all about Herpa, our new releases, and other interesting articles about diorama building, the big originals, and lots of other related topics. A great source of information for all 1/87 scale fans.
    - Herpa

MASS:STAB editor Oliver Kaschel pens an editorial which sets the agenda for the magazine. Next is an update of Herpa Car Club News announcing winners of the year’s specials, plus the new releases.

Silver Surfer A Masterwork from Walter Rosner: photo essay of a Scania R rigid tractor show truck of ML Transporte, airbrushed with the superhero Silver Surfer. Herpa has released an HO model of this model as part of the Private Collection.
    After the Scania rigid tractor Black Pearl, realized by Herpa as miniature model (item no. 110525) we now release the second Marc Lengler vehicle. The Silver Surfer captivates with its striking base color and the design drafted and realized by Walter Rosner. - Herpa

New models due for release in March and April are presented: Porsches; VW Tiguans; police cars; fire and rescue types; Private Collection show trucks; new modern vehicles; vintage "Eastern Nostalgia" models; semi- and rigid trucks; Liebherr-Farbe crane components; Military series releases.

New From Herpa
Leadership Change at Herpa reveals the changing of the guard at Herpa from CEO Walter Wehr to Thorsten Koss.

1. Ein Fuhrpark, der Sich sehen Lassen kann.../A Fleet Your Own to Watch Leave.... Shipping company Bernhard Land's fleet of trucks shows diversity of equipment and eye-catching original art and liveries. For modelers seeking models of those prototypes Herpa includes an inset of available items.

2. A Truck from the Land of the Tartars: a historical overview of 40 years of Eastern Europe's Kamaz trucks. Herpa includes an inset of the eight currently available through their Military (fmr. MiniTanks) lines.

Announcements from the Nuremberg Toy Fair 2016 discusses the new models Herpa has announced: DAF semis; Porsches; ADR Silo tankers.

1. A Timeless Face, Pt 7 continues modeler Roland Wurm's series on modifying and converting Mercedes-Benz Atego fire trucks, displayed on a diorama.

2. The Special Ones, Part 2 looks at modeler Chris Zinn's work on Porsches, Range Rovers, Masseratis, Dodge Challengers, BMWs, and Ford Mustangs and "James Bond" Mondeos.

3. Exotic in HO presents a diorama of many trucks in a industrial shipping setting.

Swedish Power In Use for the Energy Transition is a large diorama depicting heavy-haul special use semis carrying wind generator components through detailed forest scenery. Again, an inset list available models used in this display.

This issue of DMS concludes with these sections.
    Catalogues for the Model SceneThe rest of DMS 1/16 advertises available catalogues of other model makers.

    At That Time in DER MASS:STAB: issues from 1986, 1996 and 2006 are shown.

    Book Reviews

    News from the Model Market
    shows new releases by other model auto makers.

    Forthcoming: what to expect in DMS 2/2016.

That's the content of this issue. DMS is a larger format magazine of quality semi-gloss paper containing excellent photography of stand-out modeling. Unfortunately, virtually all text in in German but a picture is worth 1,000 words, after all.

DER MASS:STAB is a quality publication that informs and inspires modelers of the state of (mainly) 1/87-HO vehicular modeling, as well as advertises Herpa, and other, products.

Modelers interested in the above should enjoy this magazine - especially if they speak German!
Highs: High quality photography and subjects.
Lows: You must be fluent in German to understand it all.
Verdict: DER MASS:STAB is a high quality magazine with much to be enjoyed even if you do not read German.
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  Suggested Retail: $9.50, 6.50EUR
  PUBLISHED: Feb 22, 2016

Our Thanks to Herpa!
This item was provided by them for the purpose of having it reviewed on this KitMaker Network site. If you would like your kit, book, or product reviewed, please contact us.

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