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Rims Tires and Brakes
Rims Tires and Brakes
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by: Mike High [ TACFIREGURU ]


Having an opportunity to build an automotive kit for the first time since childhood is exciting enough, but ModelGeek has really “juiced” this opportunity with their “Pimp a Ride” campaign.
My entry to this campaign is a Dodge Deora; a little known and highly unusual “concept” car. Out of box it would, I’m inclined to believe, be more than adequate as a “show car.” However, to “pimp it up a notch or three,” I’ve purchased Pegasus Hobbies’ “Diablo’s” Rims with tires and their Disc Brake & Caliper set.

"Diablo's" Rims with Tires set, Chrome #1246

Kit contents

This kit consists of four items packaged in a small plastic package and contains (picture 1):
• Four low-profile rubber tires with chrome rims.


The low-profile tires: very nicely molded rubber tires with just a hint of “flash” which is easily cleaned up. The tire tread pattern is nicely done with very adequate definition; they look “real.”

Rims: formed of plastic and chrome plated (they also offer the same rims in gold-colored plating). The “cutouts” and intricate detail are cleanly molded and plated. The outside of the rims are sharply defined whereas the inner sides of the rims have the minutest bit of flash at the edges. Again, this is quickly cleaned up without damage to the chrome plating.


Pegasus Hobbies has a wide range of 1/24th scale rims that will fit the needs of many automotive modeler’s. This particular set will offer the “bang” the Deora deserves. At $8.99 (shipped free from their eBay store), they are well worth the cost. I would rate them a 95 out of 100. Cost is on par with the LHS, the “bling factor” is very high, and the only detractor is the wee bit of flash in the inner side…were it not for that, I’d rate them a 100.

Disc Brake & Caliper set #1092

Kit contents

This kit consists of four items packaged in a small plastic package and contains:
• Four Disc Brakes and Calipers.


If the aforementioned rims were considered “bling,” then this set of brakes is the epitome of “bling!” These are just plain sharp! Pegasus Hobbies has confirmed that this brake set will fit all of their 1/24th rims and rim/tire sets.

This brake set is molded in a light cream-colored resin. The discs are perforated with the calipers molded to the discs. Some of the perforations did not go all the way through, but a #80 drill bit and pin vise makes quick work of boring out some of the holes. There is no flash at all on the outer edge of the discs; the only flash on my samples were around the outside of the calipers and the inner “hub.” Once again, this is a very quick and easy clean-up.


If you happen to pick up a set Pegasus Hobbies’ tires/rims, you really should get a set of their disc brakes and calipers. These two sets combined will add a lot of flair to your 1/24th-1/25th automotive kit. At a wonderful price of $3.00 (again, shipped free from their eBay store), they are more than worth the minimal additional cost. I would rate them a 98 out of 100 based on the serious “bling factor.” Were there to be no flash (which is quickly cleaned), I would rate them a 100 too.

Picture 3 shows the “raw” brakes with a coating of primer.

Picture 4 shows the tire/rim set with the primed and unprimed brakes in place.

Pegasus Hobbie’s home site is here and their eBay store is here.

The wheel/tire and brake sets were purchased from their eBay store (and I did note that my LHS carries a variety of Pegasus Hobbies items).
Highs: Nice detailed rims, nice tires very realistic. Brakes are nicely detailed and fit well.
Lows: There is a bit of flash and some holes in the disk brakes weren't drilled out.
Verdict: Great addition to your automotive car to really make it special. Well worth the money
Percentage Rating
  Scale: 1:24
  PUBLISHED: Jan 30, 2008

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Sounds/looks like an excellent product. Will definitely take a look at Pegasus rims, when starting next project. Thanks Mike
JAN 30, 2008 - 09:45 PM

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