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Lamborghini Aventador
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4
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by: James Bella [ C5FLIES ]


Lamborghini, just the name promotes visions of speed, handling and extreme style. The shape of these supercars look like they are 50 years in the future, especially compared with the lackluster looks of most production cars seen today. The Aventador was unveiled in February 2011 to replace the ten year old Murciιlago as their new flagship car. The LP 700(horsepower) 4 (wheel drive) has a top speed of 217 mph, 0-62 mph in 2.9 seconds and is powered by a V-12 that just sings on start-up and full revs. In keeping with Lamborghini tradition, the Aventador is named after a bull that fought impressively in the ring back in the '90's. With body lines that look sharp enough to cut and a low slung stance that looks like it can slice through the fabric of time itself, the Aventador LP 700-4 is sure to make a statement both redlined and parked.

This new 1:24 scale kit from Aoshima is sure to be a showstopper too, with working Lambo doors and opening engine hood. Two versions of the kit are available, one with a more detailed engine slated for the Japanese market, and an overseas edition which will be reviewed here, with a more simplified engine.


The slip-top box contains quite a few parts and consist of the following:

• Body molded in white
• 2 White sprues (body parts)
• 3 Black sprues (chassis parts)
• 2 Gray sprues (interior and engine)
• 3 clear sprues
• 2 Plated sprues (wheels and exhaust)
• 1 Chrome sprue (lights and mirrors)
• 2 Translucent sprues (red and orange)
• 4 Tires
• Decal sheet
• Metal parts for door stays
• Masks for windows
• Instructions

the kit

The parts are, as I'm finding from Aoshima, molded very well with excellent detail. Seam lines on the body are faint and follow the sharp edges, so clean up should be easy. There are four sink marks on the body that will require attention. The doors and engine compartment hood are workable, and many body parts are separate items just like the real deal. The rear spoiler, which is adjustable on the 1:1 car, can be in the raised or lower position.

The brakes are well detailed and include decals for the calipers in both white and black, depending on what choice of color the calipers are painted. The chassis pan has the vents and vanes molded in and the front wheels will be positionable. The directional tires are well molded with no visible seam on my sample. Although the tire size is there, the Pirelli and P zero designations are absent. The plated wheels are beautiful and can be left as is or painted metallic black.

Even though this export kit has the simplified engine, there is enough detail in there to look very good even with the hood open. The horizontal rear suspension is present and with proper painting and the included decals (mis-numbered in the instructions) should look the part.

Part count for the interior isn't high, although detailing is excellent. A separate headliner is included along with the paddle shifter and two options of gauges as decals (RPM and kph/mph?). The jet fighter looking center console is well appointed with everything looking to be correct, and includes decals to dress it up further. The bucket seats only require a small piece added to the back of the head rest and three color choices are given to finish them off. As usual with these kits, seat belts are not included...and in this car you really should make sure you're buckled up!

Window masks are included for the glass that needs painted borders, and should be a great help. The mesh vents that litter the exterior are supplied as decals which get placed on clear parts, which is actually a pretty good idea and should look sharp. The signature Lamborghini doors have metal stays/hinges so they can be opened or closed. The engine hood has three separate clear parts to better mimic the real car. The addition of the translucent red and orange lenses is appreciated.

The 16 page instruction manual covers the 47 construction steps and is laid out logically, so the build should progress smoothly. A separate sheet is included for an alternative way to install the door stays, which looks to be a better way to do it. The step number is incorrect but easy enough to find (step 36, not 37). Thirteen body colors, three caliper and four interior seat colors are listed. Paint callouts are for GSI Creos, although not all callout numbers are provided, so a bit of research on proper colors will be needed. Decals appear to be high quality and printed thin, in register with excellent coloring.


This one looks sharp and should build up into a real beauty. Aoshima, once again, put together a fairly complete package. The plating on the wheels and exhaust is some of the best I have seen and should look very good for those that don't want to repaint them.

Check out this video from the Lamborghini website to see this puppy in action:

A Relentless Force

The site makes for an accurate reference too.

A review of an update set for this kit can be found here:

Hobby Design Aventador Upgrade set
Highs: Crisp and clean molding, nicely detailed. Sharp looking wheels/tires. Opening doors, positionable spoiler, window masks, clear instructions.
Lows: A few sink marks on body.
Verdict: One of those kits that will work its way on to your bench in a hurry. A well thought out package.
  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: 001431
  Suggested Retail: $35.99 US
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  PUBLISHED: Apr 28, 2013

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Rims with the attachment points on the inside. Oooo! How about the rest of the chrome pieces? One of the bad things about chromed parts...attachments points are really thick a bad spot. Got ta LOVE a 'Gini!! Mike
APR 28, 2013 - 09:57 AM
Mike, the other "alloy plated" parts are for the exhaust and have the attachment points small and hidden. The only chrome parts are the side view mirrors (ok there) and front and rear light housings. The front lights will be painted black with the exception of the bulbs, so no problem. The rears have them in glue areas where the chrome will need to be scraped off. Aoshima does a good job with this stuff...they actually think! Thanks Sven, build won't start until the upgrade set is reviewed, and I'm still debating on a color. Thinking yellow since I have yellow laying around
APR 28, 2013 - 10:23 AM
Oooo...It's a gotta have "Gini" then! Thanks for the review and insight. Seeking one now. Mike p.s. And yes, YELLOW. Bright, bright yellow!
APR 28, 2013 - 10:41 AM
Cool, yellow it is
APR 28, 2013 - 10:47 AM
You mean Giallo...
APR 30, 2013 - 01:03 AM
Sorry, my eyetalion is about as good as Aldo Raine's.
APR 30, 2013 - 01:22 PM
I'm quite proficient myself I know a lot of the most important words... Mozerella, Pizza, Pasta
MAY 01, 2013 - 06:44 AM
I go to look at a review for a model kit, and end up leaving with an order for the kit and some take out
MAY 02, 2013 - 07:39 PM
I have mainly build 60's US cars, but have for sometime been wanting to build something modern. This could very well be it. Thanks for the review.
MAY 03, 2013 - 07:08 AM

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