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Aventador Upgrade set
Lamborghini Aventador LP 700-4 Detail -up set for Aoshima
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by: James Bella [ C5FLIES ]


Hobby Design produces upgrade sets for many applications at reasonable prices. For the Aoshima Aventador, Hobby Design offers two separate sets: one a basic upgrade, and the one reviewed here the full detail set.

I knew right off the bat what I was getting in this set by the images on various websites, so in reviewing this set we get basically a 2 in 1 review, as the basic set is included here too. Is this one worth the almost $20 increase in price? Lets see:


Packed in a nice card envelope are the following:

3 Photo etch frets
Resin Calipers

As is typical with Hobby Design's PE, each fret has a plastic film covering both sides. The resin parts come in a separate zip-lock bag.

the set

The bulk of this set consists of the brakes and body screens. Each rotor is made up of nine PE parts stacked which forms the cooling vanes. The outer center ring is probably best painted before attaching. (I don't have these attached in the photos and the bolts are not folded where they should be). The center hub may need to be removed from the styrene kit part to fasten these on to the spindles, that will be seen during the build as the instructions don't mention anything on this. I built one rotor up and construction was easy and the finished look very good. The resin calipers look the part and with this set-up provides detail on the inside and out of the brakes, whereas the kit parts are outside face only.

The other major portion is taken up by the screens and this is where I got a bit confused. Every screen is provided for twice, the reason for this is unknown to me. The screens themselves are well done and will replace the kit supplied decals, and I believe add a couple more where needed.

Other highlights of this set are the Lamborghini engine, body and dash lettering, the PE parts will look much better than the kit decals. Paddle shifter and foot pedals are included to replace the kit parts, as well as side and rear view mirrors, wheel and steering wheel logos, and seat belt hardware. Unfortunately, once again, Hobby Design does not include the seat belt material, something I hope they do in the future especially on a full detail set such as this one.

A nice addition is the three piece door sills which should look very sharp. The speaker grills are included too, as well as a gauge bezel for the dash. Side vents are provided for the rear hatch area as well as various latch mechanisms for the opening doors & hatch. PE windshield wipers will look much better than the styrene counterparts, and these look to be easier to assemble than some others that I have seen.

The instructions are very basic although everything should be self explanatory as the build progresses and comparing to the Aoshima kit parts.


A very nice set for sure, but is it worth the extra cost from the basic set? If the brakes are important to you then it probably is, and this set offers much more over the basic set than just the brakes. The duplicate screens have me puzzled though, and I can't help thinking that I paid extra for them. I'd rather have some seat belt material than a bunch of extra screens.

If you just want to upgrade the screens, lettering, mirrors, etc. than the basic set is the way to go. I included a shot of the basic set at the right to help you decide.

I purchased this set from Hobby Easy for $25.64 plus 1.42 shipping, the basic set is a mere $7.95 plus .78 shipping.

A review of the Aoshima Aventador can be found here:

Aoshima Aventador
Highs: Nice set to detail up that Aventador, well cast resin calipers and attention to detail on the PE frets.
Lows: Duplicate screens and no seat belt material.
Verdict: Either one of these sets will dress up the Aoshima Aventador nicely, the only decision is which one.
  Scale: 1:24
  Mfg. ID: HD02-0213
  Suggested Retail: $25.64 US
  PUBLISHED: May 04, 2013

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