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Hi, I'm a 58 year old, who like most of us hasn't really grown up! I started modelling when I was 7, with no peers or tutors - every week my pocket money was blown on a series 1 Airfix or Revell kit which took about an hour to put together. A couple of replays of the Biggles books and another one needed mending! Modelling started to take a back seat when I discovered Rock'n'Roll, motor bikes and girls. There was also a spell in the Army, but like most of us I guess the modelling bug is in the blood! I never really left it, and following problems with my eyesight have just returned from a lay-off of about a year. Currently building almost anything I can lay my hands on - from motor cycles to tanks and planes! Armorama has been my modelling club, school and online home for the last couple of years, and the members here are responsible for any improvement in my work.

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1.1930 4.5litre Supercharged BentleyCARS ENGLISH

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