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  New Hampshire, United States

Occupation: Field Engineer
Interests: Auto Racing
Username: Dixon66


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1 of ours is better than 10 of yours: A medal for completing the campaign
Armorama 500 Award Ribbon: This award ribbon signifies this driver passed the Armorama 500 finish line on time.
Around the World: Award for completion of the 2004 Armorama science fiction group build.
Bandai 2 Campaign Award: This award is given to those who completed bandai kits during the Bandai 2 Campaign
Bandai Campaign Award: This award signifies that this person took part in the first ever Bandai campaign on the kitmaker/modelgeek site
Blue Oval - Ford Motor Company Vehicles: the Ford emblem ribbon will be awarded to all those GB members who finish our GB within the posted time period, and post two pictures in the GB Gallery.
Capital Cruiser Campaign: Issued too those who participated and produced one or more models for this campaign in the time specified.
Capture Aidid: Upon completion of the campaign you will recieve this mission ribbon to decorate your profile page
Gentleman, Start your engines!:
Humvees campaign:
Mecha madness: This award signifies this person completed the Mecha Madness Campain
Modern Armor Ribbon: Upon completion of this campaign, you will be decorated with Armorama's finest Modern Armor ribbon. This ribbon is awarded to the selected few that has shown dedication and effort in completing a campaign that is dedicated to the men and women in the frontlines on the war on terror.
Operation Incoming: This ribbon signifies that bearer has completed the Incoming Campaign with honor and distinction.
Operation Move It! (2004): This award signifies this member completed the Move It! Campaign Mission with full honors.
Rockets and Missiles - 2006: This award is presented the brave 11 individuals who successfully completed the 2006 Rockets and Missiles Campaign.
SCI-FI VI Campaign:
Star Wars: This award signifies that this person has completed the Star Wars Campaign
Strip Track Trail 2020: This cool ribbon has been awarded to those who completed the 2020 Strip, Track & Trail race theme group build.
Wheels: Move It Again! Ribbon: This award signifies that this member has completed and entered at least one entry for the Wheels campaign.