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  Wojewodztwo Slaskie, Poland

Occupation: Quality Auditor
Interests: WWII, armor
Username: pablo_g


About pablo_g
I was born in 1978. I have been building models since I remember. I started with building planes, when I started behind the Iron Curtain there was nothing else. After a while, I started to build tanks and that's how it was. For some time I started painting Warhammer figures, it is really amazing and it consumed me very much. Anyway, I love military vehicles the most.

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251 Campaign Award:
8x8 Award Ribbon:
8x8 MkII Award:
Academy Award:
AFV Club Campaign Ribbon:
BestBothAward: This Person Has Participated and Completed the Best of Both World Campaign
Campaign-Flak You Two: Awards for completion of a Flak You Two campaign build.
Churchill: This award signifies this person completed the Churchill Campaign
civilian award:
Fighting Frogs Award: Ribbon awarded when finishing Campaign
Japanese Military:
Jeeps Campaign:
Jeeps! Campaign: Campaign ribbon awarded for successful completion of the Jeeps! campaign.
Operation Fall Gelb 1940: This award signifies this person completed the Operation Fall Gelb 1940 Campaign
Panzer IV Award:
Poland 1939: This award signifies this person completed the Poland 1939 Campaign
Ribbon : Ribbon given to all of those that finish their builds.
Steel Wheels Ribbon:
Tank Hunters Campaign Ribbon: This award signifies the successful completion of the Tank Hunters Campaign
The Green Machine: Given to those who complete The Green Machine Campaign
What The Flak? Campaign Ribbon:
Wind in your hair:
Workhorses Campaign:
WWII Panther Tanks: