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Baldwin Motion Camaro
Baldwin Motion Camaro Video Build
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by: Gabriel [ SZMANN ]

Gabriel Szeitz shares with us a photographic video build of the Baldwin Motion Camaro in 1/25th scale from AMT.

Gabriel Szeitz shares with us a photographic video build of the Baldwin Motion Camaro in 1/25th scale from AMT.
  Scale: 1:25
  Mfg. ID: Nr. 854
  PUBLISHED: Aug 09, 2017

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Born in Romania, from a German father. Classical studies, Latin teacher. Currently holding French residency, business owner in a Dutch island where currently spoken language is English. At home I speak Spanish, though. Interest in history and modelling: since babyhood, I grown with my father's stor...

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I am actually in the middle of building this kit as well. There are a TON of flaws with the overall fitment with mine. The rear body panel does not line up with the right rear quarter panel. The body is not warped nor is the rear panel. There are also a lot of flash from the age of the base kit.
AUG 23, 2017 - 10:46 AM
Hm... I can't recall big issues with the body in my build, but certainly I had plenty problems with the under-frame and the fitting of engine - exhaust rail. Too much flash in impossible to reach chrome parts and locator pins misaligned. Actually I wasn't ever able to achieve a good match between the exhaust manifold and exhaust pipes. It was to late into the build when I discovered the problem and, since isn't too visible... I let it go like that. Cheers! Gabriel
AUG 24, 2017 - 01:39 AM
Gabriel Very nice build. And that's coming from a Ford guy when I use to buy American muscle. I do remember all of these AMT and MPC kits, so it doesn't surprise me that they're showing their age compared to what is currently being made today. Yet, you built a rock solid replica. Baldwin is on the South Shore of LI, and I do remember every once in a while driving down there to see what's what. Joel
MAY 18, 2018 - 07:45 PM
Thank you, Joel! I dinb't ever know where Baldwin comes from. I thought it must be the designer's name as per European fashion. I've learnt something new today - thank you! ... and yes! I love stock cars much better than mechanical steroids impregnated "things". Gabriel
MAY 20, 2018 - 05:35 PM